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Cité Gourmande is creating
a new training course

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Published on 07/20/2021

How can we find the right talents to support our growth? The answer is simple: by creating a tailor-made training course! In partnership with the Institut de Formation Régionale des Industries Alimentaires (IFRIA – Regional Training Institute for the Food Industry), Agropole in Agen and six other local companies, we have introduced an advanced vocational Service Technician work-study programme. During this two-year course, future production operators in the agri-food industry are trained in the use of our machines and our specific processes so that they can be quickly operational.

Local synergy

On the one hand, we invest in the future of an employment pool where the unemployment rate, particularly among young people, is higher than the national average. On the other, students develop the skills that we need, in a sector where qualified talent is lacking: mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, robotics, etc. Not only is the training we provide in these valuable areas free, but students are also paid. It’s a win-win situation!

A secure future

Once they have graduated, our new recruits will be in charge of preventive, curative and improvement maintenance of our industrial facilities. With a versatile profile, they will ensure that quality, traceability and product hygiene procedures are followed, and also ensure the safety of goods and people. Naturally, they will also take part in our ongoing improvement approach to contribute to our development.

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