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The website uses different types of cookies to facilitate browsing and access to certain features, personalise your experience and monitor the performance of the website.

All cookies used on the website are either session cookies or persistent cookies. Session cookies are used to store information temporarily, for the duration of the user’s browsing session on the website, and are deleted when the user ends the session. Persistent cookies, on the other hand, store certain information obtained during the user’s visit to the website for a specified period of time in order to reuse this information during a subsequent visit.

Similarly, all cookies used on the website are either internal cookies placed by the website itself or third-party cookies placed by third-party websites.

Visitors can configure the use of cookies stored on their browser so that they are asked to accept or refuse the installation of cookies on a case-by-case basis or to refuse all cookies automatically for certain websites or for all websites. However, refusing the use of cookies may prevent some features of the website from working.