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The first gnocchi to pan-fried from the frozen section!

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Published on 09/22/2021

Always a pioneer when it comes to innovating in the frozen potato market, our Pom Bistro brand returns in october with a new range of 3 new pan-frying gnocchi recipes.

3 authentic recipes and 100% potato

True to their origins, these gnocchi are made from a dough made from fresh potatoes, potato starch and egg yolks from free-range hens. Worked into twine, this dough is then cut using a blade, giving the gnocchi their traditional shape for a “just like home” finish. Ready in less than 15 minutes in the pan, they stand out for their beautiful golden color, their melting texture and their authentic flavors.

For a pleasant change, this new range is available around 3 gourmet and generous recipes: original recipe (plain); with Cabécou (goat cheese); with Provence herbs.

A Clean Label range certified “Guaranteed French Origin”

This new range is free from preservatives, additives, coloring or artificial flavors … and is cooked in Agen, with French ingredients. These gnocchi also have the particularity of being prepared without ingredients derived from wheat, so they are GLUTEN FREE.

Just like the current range, these new references are thus certified “Guaranteed French Origin”, a label that Pom Bistro is the only one to claim on the frozen side dish.

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