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Yummy! commits with Reforest’Action

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Published on 03/25/2021

Eating organic is good! How about taking things a bit further? At Yummy!, we want to intensify our eco-responsible commitments by supporting reforestation actions.

Organic AND logical

If you love organic food, then you love nature! That’s why, with your Yummy! products, we are taking part in the development of the French organic farming sectors. We use recyclable French packaging to minimise our carbon footprint.

We send wood

Today, we want to give back to the earth a litte of what it gives us each day. To do this, we are working with Reforest’Action and taking part in the reforestation of the Piura region in Peru.

Concrete actions!

The principle is simple: for one Yummy! product purchased, one tree is replanted! To make this happen, after buying your Yummy! product, go to, then enter your proof of purchase to receive your plantation certificate in your name. Share on all your social media!

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